Welcome to our second episode of 2020. Today's guest is Mr. Bruce Gardner who is a 25+ year Real Estate Professional, National Speaker, Author and Coach. I had the pleasure of meeting Bruce at my local association where he spoke at our "Top Guns" event. I was blown away by his knowledge, passion and drive - but most importantly I was impressed with the way he was able to simplify the complex. Bruce wrote two incredible books (check out the link to his website below). The two that I have read include "Words. What to Say When You Don't Know What To Say. The Ultimate Guide To Selling More Real Estate In Any Market" and "Seven Styles: How To Design Your Real Estate Career of Success and Significance" and I highly recommend both of these - nothing less than game changers. 

Today we explored many topics including:

  • The iBuyer and the disruption in our profession
  • What a newly licensed agent under 12 months should do
  • Where we see the MLS going
  • The future of our profession
  • How mindset and asking the right questions can help you design your life

If you want to connect with Bruce, you can go to his website StrategyBox.net directly from here by clicking the link. Enjoy the episode and please share this with your office colleagues and leave us a review. 

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