Our mindset will dictate our success in our business. Today I talk about my philosophy of Service Over Sales, which I believe is providing enormous value. This value comes in the form of content and other items of value for consumers - and putting it out there for them to enjoy and consume - without the expectation of a sale. 

The best platform to do this is video. Today we talk about video and how you can leverage this in your business to build a following of raving fans willing to refer you business. Think about customers chasing you instead of you chasing customers. 

The hardest thing to do with the process (video or not) is coming up with content. By putting together a calendar for the month - you can write down your content ideas, prioritize and schedule the content. The key to your success here is doing hyper local content. Short spurts of content is best - but equally (or more) importantly is your consistency. 

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