Andy Witt is a Real Estate marketing guru, a Southwest Florida resident and REALTOR. Today we got the opportunity to talk with Andy about how to leverage and grow your sphere of influence. We explore the statistics we all know and tie it back to how to continue to grow your real estate business by growing your sphere through posting high quality content. We explore ideas to stay in front of your customers and others on social media and how to drive engagement by posting content your audience wants and see as valuable. Andy goes into some tips and tricks to drive engagement, be seen on social and engage your customers. 

We discuss how to be "different" on social media than your competition and how to build a following. We talk about what REALTORS are doing to be different and grow their audience. Also, what are you doing to grow a "niche" to work with people you like and want to work with. Andy talks about the biggest challenges agents have in obtaining new business. 

Our business is about building a marketing strategy and building your audience. We discuss planning our business vs. chasing business. We talk about relationship based VS transactional agents. This episode is full of great ideas, tips and tricks to grow your business. 

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