Our current situation is caused by our behavior and actions (or lack of actions) 60 -90 days ago. If you look at your business today, look back at what you were doing 60 - 90 days ago and it is in direct proportion of what you were doing 60-90 days ago. 

We have the ability to choose the life we want, we have the ability to start and write a brand new chapter in our life. It starts and ends with us. The road map is outlined in this edition of Dominate in Real Estate with Jason Jakus. 

1. Choose the life you want. What exactly is it you want and what will that do for you? 

2. Take Action!! You have to make the decision to take action. The wrong action sometimes is better than no action at at. Stop over analyzing - take action today. Remember - It is only a thought if you don't take action. 

3. Don't let your ego get in your way! Sometimes EGO will hold you back. 

4. Write your own new chapter. Stop looking back - you cannot change the past. You have to decide what life you want - you need to write that chapter and you need to take action. 

5. At some point in time, you have to be sick of not being #1. Be #1 at one thing - you decide what that is. Being #1 at something will have a spider web effect and other things will be elevated. 

6. You are what you repeatedly do! Remember - it is about taking action. It is about having a plan. 

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